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Developing graduate academic writing

Welcome to Developing Graduate Academic Writing.This interactive short course focuses on the process of writing and the way skills interrelate. At times there are choices for graduate students to make where the answers aren't always right or wrong. This course reflects the complexity that is expected of graduate students.

There are several ways into the course:

The course mirrors the writing process through these modules:

Conceptualising your writing

The steps you take to write an assignment and what is expected in different genres of writing you could be asked to write at uni.

Developing an argument

Critically analyse, evaluate sources and substantiate your argument.

Developing an academic voice

Learn to use a consistent voice and choose appropriate styles for your writing.

Writing and referencing

Paraphrase effectively, choose the right referencing style and avoid plagiarism.


Identify errors, edit and proofread.

Editing (ESL)

Identify errors, edit and proofread, for students with English as a second language.

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