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Reflective writing

A number of subjects will require you to engage in reflective writing tasks. Reflective writing means analysing an experience, activity or event that happened during the semester or during your course of study. Effective reflective writing demonstrates that you can reflect on an important activity or body of theory (e.g. group work project, teaching practicum, fieldwork) and evaluate the challenges you experienced. Reflective thought is a complex process, which involves interpreting new information in relation to your own experiences and knowledge.

Reflective writing can help you to clarify and deepen your understanding of your subject material, and also encourage you to develop your own opinions and writing voice.

Reflective writing is written in a more informal, personal style than traditional academic writing. Requirements for reflective writing tasks will vary across subjects and faculties, and may take the form of regular journal entries, blogs or class notebooks. Reflective writing may even form part of a larger essay or report.

Features of reflective writing

What makes good reflective writing?

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