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Developing academic writing

Welcome to Developing Academic Writing. This interactive short course focuses on the process of writing and the way skills interrelate.

There are several ways into the course:

The course mirrors the writing process through these modules:

Considering the task

Where to start, effective analysis of questions and how to brainstorm with mindmaps.


Conduct thorough research and take effective notes.

Critical reading and analysis

Identify the features of strong critical reading and analysis.

Types of academic writing

Learn the features of strong essays, reports, reflective writing and conclusions.

Writing the draft

Identify the features and language of academic writing, improve cohesion, avoid generalisations and write coherent paragraphs.

Developing academic writing

Avoid plagiarism, integrate sources effectively and identify different referencing systems.

Editing and proofreading

Revise your work for structure, argument, effective use of sources and proofread for errors.

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