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Exam preparation

Exams are a common form of assessment at university. This suits some students better than others. You probably know people who say that they 'never do well in exams'. You may even feel that way yourself. However, understanding the nature of exams can help you to perform at your best.

Use this activity to test your understanding.

  1. Exam questions are different each year - looking at past papers won't help me.

  2. Reviewing course notes each week can help me do well in an exam.

  3. It's good to organise my notes in relation to course topics and objectives.

  4. There's no such thing as a bad place for study.

  5. Examiners only want to find out how much I've remembered.

  6. Exam paper instructions are not all that important.

  7. In exam questions, 'define' and 'discuss' mean different things.

  8. I shouldn't bother my lecturer by asking what the exam will be like.

  9. Because there's a time limit, I should start writing immediately.

  10. The University will mail me details of my exam location.

  11. Books must never be taken into an exam.

  12. There is plenty of useful online advice about exam success.

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