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Using sources

Often, students in Engineering are asked to write reports where the practical element is backed up with evidence from other sources. It is important to incorporate this evidence into the report effectively. Complete the activities on referencing and plagiarism to help you paraphrase and incorporate this evidence.

It is very important to use other people's research in your reports. This is for several reasons:

You must acknowledge wherever you have used other people's research in your reports. This is to respect the intellectual property of other researchers and make it clear that you have done research. If you don't acknowledge their work, it is called plagiarism.

In Engineering several different referencing systems are used. Harvard is one of the commonly used referencing systems. An example of another referencing style used in Engineering is IEEE. It is best to check the preferred referencing style with your department or lecturers. Then it is just a matter of looking up the referencing style you are supposed to use.

Academic honesty and plagiarism


Integrating sources

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